Get to know Karla Pittman, co-owner of CK's Kitchen With An Attitude, a food truck in McKinney.

After getting married a few years ago to someone with Celiac disease, Karla was looking for meals that tasted good but were also gluten free.

Because not every restaurant offers food like that, she decided to take her passion for gluten free food and make a business out of it, called Ck's Kitchen With An Attitude.

We caught up with Karla, who along with her husband launched the food truck in November in McKinney, to learn more about the food they make.

Kara has always loved cooking and wanted to own her own restaurant, cafe or food truck. In the 90's she was a single parent raising three children and with working two jobs at times, she was not able to follow this dream or too scared to try. She met and fell in love with Coyt in 2014, then married in 2016.

Coyt was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2003 and she decided that she was going to learn how to make delicious and safe gluten free food for her new husband that was not available in most restaurants. It's often very difficult to convert gluten filled dishes to gluten free with successful results, she said.

She said she is constantly striving to provide delicious, safe and amazing food to their guests. Some restaurants do not understand the seriousness of celiac disease or gluten intolerance, and how painful and frustrating it can be to consume just a grain of gluten containing food, she said.

"We want to grow and be successful, so that we can continue to provide delicious & safe food to our guests," she said.