Hugs Cafe Inc. is thrilled to announce its most recent grant award from The Moody Foundation. This $35,000 grant award will provide program support to Hugs Cafe and Hugs Greenhouse programs so that they can begin to focus on the expansion and sustainability of Hugs Cafe Inc for future growth and opportunities in the community.

“This is an incredible time for the Hugs Cafe Inc. organization.” explains Hugs Cafe Inc. and founder, Ruth Thompson. “These funds will help shape our organization for years to come and allow for us to begin developing the long term plans for our mission. We thank The Moody Foundation for this support and belief in our vision of meaningful employment for adults with special needs.”

Currently over 68% of adults with special needs in Texas remain unemployed. With population continually on the rise in North Texas, it can be expected that the unemployment rate for adults with special needs will also increase unless we are able to expand the offerings in the community and provide more pathways to employment.