“A lot can happen in 3 years. A lot.” Joy Booth, owner of McKinney Coffee Company smiled as we sat and visited about her journey to open not one, but two restaurants in McKinney since she and her family moved here in 2015. “Although I’ve worked for the Federal Government for almost twenty years, I come from a family of entrepreneurs. Building something from nothing is in my blood.” From the initial vision, permits, building, learning, testing, researching, and all the other factors that go into opening a business, Joy and her husband Greg are personally invested in each brick that forms the foundation. I’ve decided if the strength of the coffee they serve is any indicator of their robust contribution to the McKinney community, then residents and visitors alike are in for a delightfully stimulating treat! (Pun definitely intended.)

When the Booths moved to McKinney three years ago, Greg’s lifelong desire to open his own restaurant became a reality when he saw a new commercial development being erected at the corner of Stonebridge Drive and Highway 380, the ideal place to serve the community and local neighborhoods. His tenured career working in the food and beverage industry gave him a vast knowledge of restaurant concepts, trends, and operations. As the Booths prepared to open their first restaurant, E.J.Wills Gastropub, the space next door called to them as well. Greg saw the opportunity to have a (nearly) 24-hour operation: E.J. Wills would close at 2 a.m. while a coffee shop next door would open at 5:30 a.m.