Effective June 1, the City of McKinney Health Compliance Division will be publishing the most recent health inspection reports for food establishments in full detail on the city’s website via an interactive map. The main goal of the change is to place consumers in a position to make better informed decisions regarding their dining choices and to support McKinney’s continued efforts for transparency by providing easy access to public information.

Previously, the city’s website displayed a numeral score for food establishments. As an update, the inspection report available online will be an exact copy of the report establishments receive after their health inspection is completed.

McKinney Health Compliance does not score inspection results on a standard zero to 100 scale but instead tabulates total demerits. If no violations are found, a score of zero demerits is achieved. Violations during inspections carry different weighted demerits, with the most critical violations being worth three demerits. If an establishment receives more than 30 demerits, a re-inspection is required and corrections must be made to bring the total score below 30 demerits in accordance with the Texas Food Establishment Rules (Chapter 228 of the Texas Administrative Code).

Later this year the city will also begin conducting health inspections electronically on iPads through a new software package. The new software package and the all-electronic inspection process will streamline all health inspections over time and the results will be emailed to the business owner and be available for printing.

For more information, contact the City of McKinney Health Compliance Division at (972) 547-7440 or visit www.mckinneytexas.org.