The coronavirus has not only threatened the health and the lives of hundreds of thousands across the country, but it has also put many industries on the brink of failure. The restaurant and hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard.

According to the National Restaurant Association:

  • The total shortfall in restaurant and food service sales surpassed $165 billion during the first six months of the pandemic.
  • 100,000 restaurants have closed.
  • Nearly 3 million employees are still out of work.

And there’s no question, the roughly 300 restaurants, eateries, and bars in the McKinney area are a part of that.

“It’s not easy when you see all of these businesses struggling to stay open and the livelihoods of so many threatened,” said Lisa Hermes, the president and CEO of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce. “On the flip side, it’s very moving to have so many businesses and individuals step up and help out the community. That’s what makes McKinney such a great place to live and do business.”

That’s where TUPPS Brewery, based in McKinney, comes in. They’ve created a 12-pack of beer with two of their most popular brews inside – National Standard and Juice Pack – to raise money to benefit local restaurants who need support. Called the “Help Now Campaign,” TUPPS is donating $4 per case to charity – with over $10,000 already being donated.

The cases, which are mostly red with a white cross, are currently being sold at dozens of grocery stores and liquor stores across the Metroplex. The next step is to get the 12-pack into several area restaurants.

“When TUPPS’ owner Keith Lewis shared the news about his brewery’s success at fundraising for the Red Cross and the McKinney Musician Relief Fund, I knew that the McKinney Restaurant Council could benefit from partnering with TUPPS on a Help Now Campaign to support our local independent restaurants,” said Joy Booth, co-owner of E.J. Wills Gastropub in McKinney.

The Help Now Campaign will continue through February of 2021.

“We hope the community can recognize this both as a joint venture and a wonderful opportunity to show support for the families and all the staff who own, operate, and continue to innovate our lively restaurant scene,” said Booth.