One in four students returning to McKinney schools this year will be relying upon the free and reduced meals program in order to get the necessary nutrition they require to stay healthy.  That’s over 7600 students.  There are single parents, seniors and working families in the community facing food insecurity everyday.

Two years ago, a group of women, after investigating the disturbing facts about the number of people battling hunger in McKinney, decided to tackle the problem.  Doing their research, they concluded that a permanent kitchen facility was needed. They formed the Community Garden Kitchen of Collin County, a non-profit organization with the goal to build a kitchen and feeding program to address the hunger issues many citizens are facing.   By providing healthy, freshly prepared meals to anyone who is experiencing hunger, McKinney can become a community where no one need suffer the fear and distress of food insecurity. 

The new 5000 sq.ft. free standing kitchen will be located on the campus of Holy Family School, a preschool serving low-income working families in McKinney for over sixty years. “Early on, we learned that Holy Family School was in dire need of a kitchen/dining facility.  We approached their board with the proposal that if we raised the money for the building, could we use the kitchen in the evening to serve meals to people in need?  They wholeheartedly agreed and we launched the project,” said Angela Poen, Board President.  “During the day the students and staff will use the dining facility.  After school hours, the kitchen will be open to serve anyone in need of a meal, in a safe, welcoming environment, no questions asked, no paperwork required.”  

The Community Garden Kitchen Capital Campaign has a $650,000 goal to reach before construction begins.  To find out more, make a donation, and learn how you can volunteer, please visit the website: