Smoking food is seriously fantastic!

The tastes and flavors are incomparable. However, you may be doing something wrong not to achieve the excitement that we share.

Let’s clear the air on this to make sure you are in good practice.


1. Making the wrong smoker choice

First thing, the smoker you use is important. Go for a quality and effective one. In this review on the best smokers, there is plenty of information to guide your purchase.

Do not compromise on quality, it will serve you well for long.


2. Choosing the wrong cut of meat

The desire to just run with any cut you find on the butcher’s table is so wrong. Remember that you will be cooking for a long period of time hence a light cut is likely not to serve you well.

Invest in a nice thick cut and you will be in the right places of satisfaction.


3. Creating too much fire

It is smoking and it deserves all the patience that is needed to cook the food slowly and on low heat. Being said, do not try the wrong trick of creating a lot of fire with hopes of cooking fast.

Create a smaller amount of fire and add more fuel as necessary as you cook for effective results.


4. Oversmoking the cook

Do not aim at ruining your food with smoke. Yes, you cannot go wrong with a good amount of wood chips burning to enhance the flavors of your food. However, do not be extravagant with it.

Light white smoke is all you need and not thick dark smoke. Perform smoke adjustments using the vents and chimney.


5. Using the wrong wood chips

Yes and yes! There’s no such thing as one type fits all when smoking.

All types of wood chips work perfectly with different types of foods, therefore, it is essential that you do a good check at the butcher’s shop to be sure of the best wood chip choice to use for your food.

A good choice will enhance flavoring.

6. Lighting with lighter fluid

Two things here; the amount of fire being created and the alteration in aromas caused.

Lighter fluids will create too much fire which will defeat the purpose of smoking which also leaves a chemical smell in the food through the smoke created.

Avoid this and light the coals more traditionally. You can use some paper and olive oil to give you a good, smell free light.


7. Too much saucing

Do not sauce the meat while cooking, keep it for the final minutes to the foods doneness or afterward.

Sauces are accompaniments, do not smoke your food in sauce.


8. Relying on the timer

The smoker’s timer could lead you astray from the perfect doneness.

Invest in a quality digital timer and backed by good temperature information, you should be able to get your food very well done.

We share some good information on timing and temperatures to aid with this.


9. Digging into the food too fast

You will be eager to devour the meats after the long hours of smoking but it is better to allow the meats to sit for at least 10 minutes before cutting and serving.

This allows the juices in the meats to be well distributed to ensure a well-rounded taste.