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Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas provides services your company needs to succeed. With 12 offices throughout North Central Texas, our team is convenient to work with and saves you money; all of our services are offered At No Cost to your organization. In addition to listing job orders some of the other services we offer include:

Employer site recruitment- We offer assistance at your location with employee recruitment.
Interview/Application events held at our workforce office- We offer our conference rooms to see large volumes of job seekers to avoid long lines at your location.
Small meeting/interview rooms- Where you can meet one-on-one with job seekers or for panel interviewing.
Subsidized programs- We offer many programs such as Subsidized Work Experience Youth Program, and On the Job Training. Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas will pay 100% of Subsidized Work Experience participant’s wages, and 50% of On the Job Training wages with no salary cap.
Unpaid employer programs- We offer an Adult Work Experience Program.
Rapid response- When layoffs or closures take place, we can assist in helping your employees transition to filing for unemployment and familiarize them with our services.
Specialized testing for job seekers- We offer specialized testing on your behalf.
com – We offer a website that is free for employers to post job postings and also have recruiters available to make sure that you are getting qualified applicants.

Workforce Solutions For North Central Texas

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