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Vision Driven Family

The Vision Driven Family Institute's mission is to educate family leaders and business leaders for our local community and global society.  We do this through our commitment and passion for empowering and transforming leaders through proven interactive workshops/conferences, online training, and one-on-one coaching.

Family Success Wealth Building Training Courses

Our mission at Vision Driven Family Institute is to provide a "Multi-generational Family Wealth Building Training Program".  This program is designed to provide quality family leadership webinars in a friendly learning environment. We focus on educating, cultivating, motivating, and empowering families to build wealth by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help them reach their goals and dreams through an intergenerational family vision ecosystem. With our uniquely practical and straightforward approach, participants can begin applying their new skills after just a one-course series session.

Training Leaders. Building Wealth. Changing Generations.

Family Leadership Training, Family Success, Wealth Building Education




Vision Driven Family Institute New Online Family Leadership Certification Webinar Course

McKinney, Texas – The Vision Driven Family Institute (VDFI) launched a new Family Leadership Coach Certification webinar course that is for professionals who would like to expand their line...

New Family Leadership Certification Course Coming To Collin County

ANNOUNCEMENT: Vision Driven Family Institute a nonprofit organization will launch its Family Leadership Certification Course in Collin & Dallas Counties in Texas and online for those interested nationally in...

Vision Driven Family Institute Hires Family Education Director

 McKinney, Texas – The Vision Driven Family Institute, the board of directors, unanimously announces, Phillip S. Porter, as the Family Education Director, of the Vision Driven Family Institute, an education...
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