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What is The Family Greenhouse (TFG)? We are a nonprofit organization that grows strong relationships through coaching, workshops and resources.

We come from a Christian worldview and we meet people where they are. You will not find judgment, but grace. This is your journey and we are here to help! You can read more about what we believe.

We have many coaches on our team. These coaches are all trained with various tools including assessments, ICF coach competencies, and practical exercises. Check out all of our coaches to find one that fits your needs!

We grow strong relationships through coaching, workshops, and resources.

Coaching, Parenting, marriage, counseling, relationships, pre-married



Free Discovery Coaching Session

Expires: 04/30/2018

This coupon is for a free Discovery Coaching Session with The Family Greenhouse where we grow strong relationships! In this session we will get an idea of where you are and where you want to be! You will get guidance on some simple strategies and recommendations for next steps. This is valid for one-on-one coaching or two-on-two couples coaching! We will help you make a game plan to get to where you want to be through low cost relationship coaching!

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