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TAOLB was born in the Spring of 2014 when 2 Littles under four years and a bad case of mommy fog led me to search for a creative outlet. I hired a web designer and a photographer, and began publishing articles that would hopefully bring back the sense of self I had unconsciously abandoned in favor of raising the two little men with which God had blessed me. My forgotten passions: fashion, cooking and entertaining became the topics of tri-weekly posts, and I tripped forward in my quest to understand the internet, technology, social media, photography and everything else required for success in the digital publishing world. What a crazy time! After three years of sharing my most favorite of favorites, I decided a new, more worthy topic and interface was the future of The Art of Living Beautifully: A digital magazine dedicated to my hometown, McKinney, Texas! As a born and raised McKinneyite (yes, that is the official term) I feel a passion to promote our unique city-village, our businesses, our non-profit organizations and our citizens. Through quarterly magazines and tri-weekly posts, I hope McKinney residents and visitors alike will develop or rediscover a love for our town and local culture. Welcome to The new Art of Living Beautifully, and to some of you, welcome to McKinney!

The Art of Living Beautifully is a blog and digital magazine dedicated to promoting the rich and colorful culture of McKinney, Texas.

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Hopscotch Films for Vagabonds

A little bit vintage… McKinney-based filmmaker Elizabeth Allen has always had a soft spot for anything vintage. In the early 2000s, while exclusively filming weddings, Elizabeth purchased a professionally refurbished, antique Super8 film camera to...

The Couple that Made Vacation Their Job

McKINNEY, TX -- This morning I want to introduce you to Bob and Vickie Roden, owners and operators of Utmost Travel.After working for 22 years as an interior designer in...

The Entrepreneurial Spirit That Leads to “Financial Independence and Peace of Mind”

GIFT OF SERVITUDE:Sarah Marshall has a gift — in fact she has several. She is financially savvy, approachable, kind, and whip-smart. She also has the gift of servitude coupled...


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