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The Albers Group (TAG) is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded in 2015 by US Marine Colonel John “Phats” Albers, career aviator, developmental test pilot, and acquisition professional, spent 24 years serving in the Corps where his business approach, cultural philosophy, and leadership framework were honed and forged as he learned to lead in small teams all the way to squadron command in both garrison and combat. Following a boy-hood dream career in the Marine Corps, John and family relocated to Texas where he set out to build a diversified and uniquely organized company focused on recruiting and retaining the absolute best talent he could find.

Through adversity and perseverance, we are now an incredible team of professionals who wake up daily laser-focused on solving problems through “out of the box” thinking. We operate across five divisions with niche engineering capability, aviation operations, certified manufacturing capability, and a technology commercialization strategy. We are passionate as a company about getting better, and helping others be better – in every possible way. We love helping our clients and our teammates be all that they were made to be. Life is too short for anything less. We are passionate and aggressive about getting things done!

We look for partners that want to be disruptors… innovators that look to bring value far beyond the cost to our clients. That is a definition of capitalism that we can run down the street and yell about, because everyone wins!

TAG Highlights:
- Headquartered at McKinney National Airport with hangar facilities

- Growth to over 80 people across three divisions

- Experience level for 90% of the company is approx.  >= 20 years in the aerospace/defense industry.

-Our team enables us to deliver a high value offering to the market.

-Exceptional Talent. We attract and keep our employees.

-Retired Senior Military & Flag Officers bring credibility in the Defense space.

-Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Status enables disruptive entry “under the radar” in a competitive high-end engineering environment.

-Our proven capabilities and record of delivery for DoD customers is growing our business base every day.

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