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Striker Home Design is a Mckinney based General Contractor, focusing on many areas including Roof Replacement, Roofing Repair, Interior Remodeling Projects, Outdoor Structures, Windows, Gutters, and Siding.

After working many years alongside different roofing and remodeling companies, we saw the issues that plagued the industry and set out to drastically improve the client’s service experience. We believe that it starts with truly valuing the customer, finding their specific needs and wants, and working to exceed any expectations that they have. In an industry a bit tarnished by dishonesty, and mistrust, we have made it our purpose to change that one customer at a time. Integrity is everything to us.

“The man of integrity walks securely” – Proverbs 10:9a

We have many different crews and craftsman, who specialize in different trades. Our crews have at least 15 years of experience in each of their respective trades and are the best at what they do. As general contractors, it is our duty to maintain current licenses and high limits of insurance, as well as provide an ironclad workmanship warranty that your family can count on.

About the owners:

Both Johnny & Reid personally have been doing carpentry since they were old enough to swing a hammer with their fathers. It was not only a passion for them, but something that they hoped an opportunity would arise that they could make a living doing. Both attended Texas State University – San Marcos and both went on to graduate and pursue commercial insurance sales. They had success in their respective territories and thought it would be a good idea to team up. Tied at the hip since 2006, and after several successful startups, which still thrive today, they found a niche that we had to pursue in roofing & remodeling.

“The bar is just set way too low for homeowners, we need to create a general contracting business that exceeds any and all expectations. When we achieve the service level that people didn’t know existed in this industry, and match it with the highest quality workmanship, we will set ourselves apart as one in a million” – Johnny on the idea of starting Striker Roofing and Construction.

Residential Roofing Experts
What makes Striker Roofing & Construction unique? We use the industry’s top products, backed with a lifetime warranty on almost everything, so you can rest assured for future storms. Additionally, our team has the extensive expertise to help families with post-storm damage, with hundreds of roofs replaced annually. And because our goal is to get you back to everyday life as soon as possible, we work efficiently without compromising quality.

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