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JM Business Resources helps new or existing businesses plan, get better, find solutions, promote, and grow. For everything your start up or small business needs, from financial modeling, to promotional marketing, e-commerce, or operations improvements, our partners have experience and know how.

As former Fortune 500 professionals, and entrepreneurial business owners, we have faced many of the same challenges you are wrestling with. How many people do I need? What is my budget? How do I target my customers? What are the risks of a new facility? What are my space needs? What is my 3 year plan? How do I improve my operations? What type of training should I be providing to my employees? Do I need to expand, remodel, or move my office or retail business?

We have experience in retail, industrial manufacturing, distribution, services, supply chain, architecture and design, and many more industries. Across a broad set of functions, from Marketing and Sales to Operations and Planning.

Let's meet to discuss your needs and explore how we can help you build, grow or adapt your business to your marketplace.

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