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Rye is a super seasonal, creative American small plates restaurant and cocktail bar. What does that mean? It means a different way to dine. It means locally sourced, constantly rotating menu items. It means trying a variety of hand crafted food instead of eating one $40 entree. It means being together with friends, and meeting new ones in an intimate dining room full of energy and intrigue for what’s new.

Our team came from across the US to make McKinney our home and to have a place for the type of food we love to make. Approachable, seasonal cuisine that is elevated beyond through the introduction of the uncommon. We want to blend forgotten old school hospitality with new dishes and pairings that look toward the future. We wanted to build a restaurant that evolved with us, and with our guests. Rye is a little different, but we like it that way. It is our dream and our passion; we can’t wait to share it with you.

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