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We're a patient-centric primary care health center that believes every human being deserves access to the highest quality healthcare.

By providing cost-effective and transparently priced healthcare plans as alternatives to traditional health insurance, we can help our community members save thousands on their preventative healthcare needs. Beyond subscriptions, we gladly welcome and work with most major insurance providers with new carriers being added all the time.

Come see our highly rated and deeply knowledgeable doctors today!

We're ALWAYS accepting new patients.

Everyone deserves high-quality healthcare and we strive to provide an informative, empowering, and affordable experience.

With alternative healthcare plans starting at $99/mo featuring unlimited doctor visits, uninsured or underinsured members of our community can still take charge of their personal health needs without having to break the bank.

And for the insured - we got you covered as well!

All are welcome to join the Redwood family today!

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