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Photographing moments in time and preserving those images allows us to share our past with those in the present, and perhaps – stir an emotion within. Providing a glimpse of something real in this very virtual world we find ourselves in.

Capturing that precious smile, or that all too familiar look you’ve seen passed down from generation to generation. It’s these moments – these times that fill your heart and give you pause. It’s my personal mission to create lasting images for you and your loved ones that will be treasured a lifetime.

I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember ~ and I’m certain it’s the center of my ‘calm’. From preparing for a shoot to the post processing phase, there’s not one second that I’d rather be doing something else. It’s such an honor to be entrusted to document another person’s life event.

Being the mother of two boys who’ve had a taste for Extreme Sports, I’ve found myself and the camera in some pretty precarious positions over the years, trying to get that perfect shot! Both are grown now, but their shenanigans have tested my skills and stamina in so many ways, only solidifying my love for photography.

If I find myself with some free time on a beautiful day, I’ll venture outside to watch God’s precious creatures journey forward & make their way. Always candid… Always real. Never a waste of time. Or, I’ll grab my gear and hit the road in search of hidden gems so easily overlooked by those rushing by. The state of Texas is home to some of the most beautiful and well crafted structures I’ve had the pleasure to witness. Not only did someone’s vision come to life, but it came to life with a purpose for many years to come. Strong lines and a subtle facade with an overall command for attention should be captured in the perfect light, and with the perfect lens.

As a portrait & event photographer, I am taken back each and every day by the beauty that lies before us all, and saddened knowing how few of us pause to take a look.

A hobby that became a passion. Getting that perfect shot and sharing photos with whom they mean most lightens my spirit and fills my soul. It’s an amazing opportunity to freeze time… if only for a moment.

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