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Nfinite Legacy Mobile Notary is a Texas commissioned Notary Public and state-certified, private notary and loan signing agency. Our mission is to help you sign and authenticate your most confidential legal documents easily, safely, and conveniently.

The services we provide are a great fit for individuals, real estate agents, title companies, law firms, senior living communities, and more.

When you trust us with your legal documents, you can do so knowing that your files and personal data will be tamper-resistant, always backed up safely in the cloud, and accessible only through a two-factor authentication process.

Expedient. Convenient. Secure.

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Don’t Forget to Review & Update Your Will

When it comes to a will or estate plan, don’t just set it and forget it! Your will should be updated when your personal circumstances change, which could happen at...

“Grey Areas” That Often Confound Notaries

Notaries sometimes encounter situations or 'gray areas' such as having to question a signer's mental state or reject a request that seems suspicious. There are occasions when something seems...
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