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Glenbrook Shopping Center adds New Martial Arts School

Cox Realty/Glenbrook Shopping Center and Master Mun’s have teamed up to open a new martial arts school. Located just North of Virginia Parkway and Hwy 75, its convenient location makes it easily accessible to most McKinney Residents.

Master Mun's Martial arts features a dynamic chief instructor in Master Cheoljin Mun, a Korean trained master (8th degree) in Wing Chun Kung fu, master in Taekwondo and Gumdo. Master Mun has been training in martial arts since grade school in Korean and has trained for over 40 years. His partner, Tom Bousquet, has been training since he was 12 and is the acting business partner for Master Mun’s.

“Our focus will be primarily Taekwondo, a great and popular family martial art. We will also be teaching Gumdo (sword) and another art called Saing Jhon do, or the Way of Survival, This art is for students 13 and over and will focus on self-defense and explosive counter attacks similar to Krav Maga,” Bousquet said. “We will also be offering classes for seniors over 60, and a bootcamp for those only interested in weight loss. Master also trains Olympic hopefuls for the US taekwondo team.”

“Master Mun’s level of experience is impressive by any martial arts standard,” Bousquet said.

Master Mun’s has also added an excellent yoga instructor that will be holding classes Mon., Wed., and Fri. mornings.

Let us pass on our combined 70+ years of experience to you or your children by visiting us at .

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