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Coldwell Banker the largest Real Estate firm for the last 21 years in America now offers an amazing program for those who are not willing to commit to a mortgage or who just can not get approved yet. lets you pick a home for sale which is then purchased for cash.   Your ONLY obligation is a 1  year lease at market rent.  Walk away if you wish, renew the lease up to a total of 3 years or you can buy it at any point in time. You know the price you can buy it at right up front!

This amazing program is approved by Fannie Mae (part of the US Government to help families buy homes) and has been praised throughtout the media.   FOX News, The Wall Street journal, ABC-TV and the Washington Post are just some of the media organizations praising the program to help people get into their DREAM home today!    Please go to for ALL of the details.

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