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At Joshua Expeditions, we provide global opportunities for youth that serve to encourage and highlight their gifts through hands-on experiences. Through educational travel students develop a broader perspective of the world and an increased cross-cultural understanding. Every participant gains the opportunity to understand the world’s needs and to use individual gifts and talents to share the Gospel of Christ. Students are able to share their faith in both word and deed, often leading them to consider missions as a life-long calling. Quite simply, tours through Joshua Expeditions are designed to ignite hearts and minds to change the world.

We are a non-profit Christian organization founded for the purpose of assisting schools and churches in bringing the world to young people and bringing the Gospel to the world. Joshua Expeditions has been providing purpose-filled educational travel for over a decade to groups from all over the country, and we pride ourselves on a high level of customer service and satisfaction as evidenced by a return rate of over 80%. We offer a wide variety of trips that are sure to suit your every need, and we can customize an expedition to accommodate limited budgets and a smaller group size. By design, every Joshua Expeditions tour includes ministry opportunities which add value and perspective to each experience.

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