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Affordable Health Insurance Options
IHG serves individuals, families, and small business owners in North Texas. Our mission is to simplify the health insurance process making it easy for every individual, family or small business to find a plan that works best. We offer more than an insurance quote, we invest the time to understand your unique needs and offer solutions that fit your requirements and budget.
As Health Insurance Brokers, we work with multiple insurance carriers offering a variety of products, finding plans that work for your situation. With 25 years of insurance experience, we continue to stay abreast of changes in the insurance marketplace to ensure our customers, their families, and employees have the best available options.
At IHG, we are focused on educating consumers about products or alternatives they may not be aware of that could save them on hundreds to thousands of dollars in premiums and out of pocket costs. We consistently follow up with our clients throughout the year to make sure that they are fully aware of all the insurance options or any changes in the marketplace.

Health Insurance, Life Insurance



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