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If you long to lose weight, restore energy, improve self-esteem and prevent or improve a chronic disease… iBalance Wellness can help. We will help you see your potential and overcome obstacles by facilitating change to improve your quality of life. Dare to dream and believe in your potential – obstacles can be overcome, change can occur, and satisfaction can become a daily occurrence.

At iBalance Wellness, a registered dietitian works closely with you to develop your own vision of wellness. We help you identify your particular health and wellness goals, empowering you to start with small steps which over time add up to big changes equaling sustainable, healthy outcomes. As wellness coaches, we guide you safely, supportively, and non-judgmentally to a personalized nutrition and fitness plan for a balance of healthy habits. The coaching process inspires awareness, discovery, and exploration of self to promote lasting improvement in health, happiness, and wellbeing.


Your specific iBalance Wellness program will likely include a combination of:

Exercise and physical activity routine
Diet & nutrition plan
Stress management techniques
Comprehensive wellness coaching


At iBalance Wellness, we are passionate about what we do, and as dedicated nutritionists, we are excited to assist you in creating a self-defined balanced wellness routine. We invite you to read the information on the iBalance Wellness website about nutrition, exercise, and stress to help you identify areas you may want to improve in your life. Through telephonic and/or in person coaching, we partner with you for a personalized, confidential, private, convenient, and less time consuming appointment. You can participate whenever and from wherever you are. Imagine the possibilities!

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