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Tuesday 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM
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A unique retailer, Graphite provides a rare experience for everyone in the community.

As a retailer, Graphite will sell unique high-quality pencils and products, from national and international companies, that support skill of personal expression. We aim to create unique experiences for our customers by offering goods that encourage all ages to go back to the art of writing letters, journaling, drawing and whatever their creative minds can imagine.

As an instructor, Graphite will host a variety of events from the art of a handwritten note/letter, journaling, drawing, sketching and creative art expressions. We aspire to create experiences that will bring back your love for the use of pencils and papers.

As a supporter of the community, the Graphite Education Foundation will provide funding to teachers for the purchase of classroom supplies.

A Retailer, An Instructor and A Supporter of the Community!

pencils, paper, art supplies, classes, event space, foundation


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