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My name is Madhu Polimeru and I am a seasoned physical therapist for >15 years. I have been in patient care since 1995 since high school working as PT aide, PT tech, PT assistant to being a physical therapist. I have experience in treating diverse neurological and orthopedic conditions through various stages of healing in a wide array of settings among various age groups from younger children to older adults. I have experience collaborating with Pain management specialists, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedicians and Primary care physicians in establishing care and managing protocols for their patients.

I intend to provide patient centric individualized treatment with dedicated 1 on 1 time with clients. I strive to provide the most ethical, competent, compassionate patient care using the most up to date integrative evidence-based treatment methodologies. I aim to advocate for our seniors in our community, which is close to my heart. I would like to use all my resources to enable seniors in our community to continue to lead an independent, active and healthy lifestyle. I respect, honor and welcome veterans and active service personnel and would be grateful for an opportunity to serve you in return.

Our clinic specializes in promoting Balance, fall prevention, vestibular therapy and neurological rehabilitation. I also have numerous years of experience and specialization in orthopedic rehabilitation and sports medicine from treating younger children in competitive sports to adults who aim to return recreational activities.

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I enjoy playing tennis, basketball, golf and watching football, freestyle wrestling and baseball. I am married to a supportive, caring wife and we are blessed with two amazing daughters. I love travelling with my family and friends, visiting national parks, historical sites, biking and camping.


Looking forward to serving you and our community.

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