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freshbenies offsets skyrocketing healthcare and out-of-pocket costs with non-insurance services that help busy families save hundreds to thousands on healthcare costs all rolled into one easy-to-use card for just $12/month (plus one-time application fee of $10).

Members have access to multiple innovative services (at no additional cost) through the member portal or app…

- call a doctor 24/7 and get a prescription written, if needed. This can save doctor, urgent care and emergency room visits.

- email specialists for personalized and reliable medical advice. No more searching WebMD and Google for answers.

- access expert health advisors who help navigate “the system” including medical billing issues and help finding prices before you need a medical procedure

- save 10% to 85% (average 46%) on prescriptions. This gives another option to your health plan.

You can also choose optional low-cost add-ons: LifeLock identity theft protection, plus high-quality legal, pet care, dental and vision savings networks.



Health Care Services
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