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The Great Great Grandfather
This is where it all started in 1800 by Dennis’ great great grandfather when he founded Frankenbreu, Tanna.  This is a picture of the original facility. However no brewery exists there today.

In 1800, Our great great grandfather Schaubert began our family’s heritage at his Franken Braue Brewery in Tanna, Germany. Today, our rich tradition of naturally brewing authentic German Style Bier using the purest ingredients is carried on at Franconia Brewing Company in the heart of McKinney, Texas.


Dennis Wehrmann comes from a family with a real brewing history. Born in Nurnberg Germany in the midst of Bavaria he grew up in an area surrounded by several historic breweries. However not just the area influenced his decision to become a brew master, you can tell the love for brewing beer must be inherited. Beginning with his grandfather who owned the brewery Franken Braeu in Tanna Germany, his mom has a degree as a brewery lab technician and the majority of his uncles being either brew masters or in some form involved in the brewing business.

It goes all the way back to his Great Grandfather Schaubert, who is the fine gentlemen in our logo, being a brewer back in 1800 where all kegs where made of wood and beer was delivered by horse carriage. At the age of 12, Dennis started spending his summer breaks working for a local brewery. After finishing high school, he started as a trainee at the Neumarkter Lammsbrau while attending Brewer School in Karlstadt.

Upon graduating Dennis started brewing for the Altstadhof in Nurenberg, a small brew pub in the castle area of Bavaria where beer is still made the same way it was in the late 18th century. He attended the Doemens Brewmasterschool in Munich and graduated in 1999 with a Masters Degree. Soon after, he made the decision of moving to the U.S. with his wife where he spent 4 year working for Two Rows until the first step was taken of fulfilling a long life dream of opening his own brewery Franconia Brewing Company.

We are environmentally friendly
All power produced on site through 100% renewable sources
100% natural ingredients
Beers brewed strict to the German Puritan law-water, hops, barley and yeast
Provide local farmers with spent grain
We reuse up to 86% of the water coming into our facility
Free of any additives and GMO ingredients
Landfill free facility

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Sat, October 8 - Sun, October 9

Franconia Oktoberfest 2022


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