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FinestFotos is rebranded as a Professional Motivational Coach/Public Speaker/Professional Photographer.

As a FinestFotos Motivational Coach, " I will Connect with you, Consider your Feelings, & we will develop a plan for Positive Healthy Changes in your Life". What Platforms do you operate under in your Business or workplace? Do you focus totally IQ's or are you having Conversations RE: Emotional Intelligence? Questions to consider: 1. What is Emotional Intelligence? 2. Where did the term originate? 3. If your Business does not operate according to EI terms, what are the consequces for your Business? Hire FinestFotos to educate your Business!

As a Professional Photographer, "FinestFotos wants to tell Your Story"! I specialize in Commercial/Event Photography!

Call Rick Barber for a Free Consult at: 972-375-4477.

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