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Craft Coffee and More
A true craft experience in the heart of McKinney, TX! Offering classic coffee beverages, international brew methods, pour-overs, loose leaf teas, Italian sodas, and now local craft beer and wine! Step up to our 40ft. brew bar or our convenient walk-up window and simply enjoy. Our scratch-made fILTER(ed) eATS are sure to nourish and please.

Community Brew Studio
Collaboration at it's best. We not only brew the best coffee but rewarding relationships and meaningful experiences. The perfect, modernly organic, purpose-driven life studio. Relax, meet with friends, collaborate with local creatives, conduct a business meeting, join our fILTER(ed) Art Membership (FAM) program or enjoy live music.

Sound, Mind & Body
Our hospitable and service-driven culture provides various opportunities to display and hone your own taste and style. Satisfy your thirst for personal enjoyment, a fulfilling livelihood or communal growth. Lesson, rehearsal, meeting and recording space available for rent and on-site performance and artistic demonstration bookings welcome.  Come and share YOUR craft.

fILTER(ed) Craft Coffee & Culture: Brewing quality craft beverages, rewarding relationships and memorable experiences! We proudly offer classic coffee creations, pour-overs, loose leaf teas, Italian sodas, local craft beer and scratch baked goods within a tapestry of art and culture.

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