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Faithful Friend mentors incarcerated youth through Biblical principles and canine therapy.  The kids we help range in age from 11 to 18.  We are under contract to provide the Collin County John R. Roach Juvenile Detention Facility with canine therapy.  Our program engages these at risk youth in canine handling, training and animal science.  The goal of our program is to give kids marketable skills to find jobs with, Biblical principles to live better lives by and positive motivation to encourage them ahead through post adjudication.  The dogs in our program will go on to become Service Dogs to Disabled Veterans in Collin County and North Texas.  All of the children who participate in our program do so voluntarily.  The immediate impact of our program is the discernible change with the kids’ attitudes, improved scholastic scores, reduced violent behavior or rules infractions, with the outcome of reduced recidivism.

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