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As a Success Coach, I help individuals become their best self, personally, professionally, and philanthropically.

Personally, I help individuals develop sustainable healthy habits for life, through collaborative goal setting, overcoming road blocks, weekly accountability, and creating a healthy mindset.

Professionally, I help individuals achieve their business goals by developing a growth mindset, overcoming road blocks, and through weekly accountability.

As a Fundraising Consultant, I provide out of the box fundraising ideas and process improvements, to support non-profit, small and medium size business growth and profitability.

Many of you may remember me as a former Jewelry by Sara Blaine Stylist.  Although my business closed at the end of May 2020, I continue to sell my jewelry samples.  They are currently priced up to 90% off.  To view all remaining pieces, please go the my CheddarUp site:

The entry code is "teal".

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