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Founded by a certified firefighter, EPIK Construction Services is built around the tenets of hard work, trust and integrity. At EPIK we understand that "good enough" isn't really good at all, and it is our goal to set the quality standard in the field of roofing and complete home restoration.


Our ambition is to be the preeminent insurance claims service provider to Collin County and surrounding areas. To accomplish this we leverage an elite labor force highly experienced in all areas of remodeling; from roofing to foundation and everything in-between. Our deep knowledge of the insurance claims process and policy coverage details ensures that you receive appropriate claim review, consideration and payout ―and we are happy to walk you through the entire insurance process.


Versatility and Quality

At EPIK Construction Services we pride ourselves on our ability to complete any task involved in home restoration. While roofing is the heart of our business, our full-service insurance claim model allows you to have all of your repair and restoration needs managed through us*, leveraging our highly experienced crews and sub-contractors. Whether your claim involves ceiling, wall or floor damage, or even A/C, fencing or other repair, our customers gain the convenience and peace of mind of working with a single contractor and one point of contact.

Commitment to Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is critical and top-of-mind to our entire staff. EPIK Construction Services boasts excellent customer satisfaction ratings and an unwavering commitment to doing what is right for our customer. We stand by our word as well as our workmanship. We work tirelessly to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers.

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