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Our services develop at risk and disadvantage youth girls ages 10-17 into women of virtue by providing endless opportunities, family structured and a safe environment in a city that is "Unique by Design." Our services provide youth the opportunity to make choices that allow them to be who they are destined to be not what others want them to be. We recognize that each youth is unique and they have individual needs and wants and we reflect those needs. We have several programs that help the youth become well-rounded. Our multi-cultural enhancement program strive to diversify youth by exposing them to all walks of life, different music genres, dance, food, places etc. Our community engagement program helps youth connect to the community through community service, civic activism, and youth leadership. Through community service youth develop a sense of proud, self-esteem, and learn hands on skills. Through youth leadership they learn to become role models, and improve the lives of others. Through civic activism youth are empowered to have opinions, ideas, and interest to help them understand experiences and the community so they can become our future politicians. We help youth build social and interpersonal skills, youth confidence, positive self-identity and dignity. The overall mission is to ensure our youth become universal and diversified because it will prepare them for a solidified future.


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