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Cryo N More is a health and wellness center.  We specialize in holistic healing using cryotherapy, Normatec compression and infrared sauna.  Cryotherapy is exposing the whole body to extreme cold.  The extreme cold activates the body's natural healing mechanisms.  Cryotherapy is the fastest way to reduce inflammation from the body's joints, muscles and ligaments.  The benefits include faster muscle recovery, increased energy, burn calories, flush toxins, boost your immune system, increased metabolic rate, improve skin clarity and reduce signs of aging, improve quality of sleep and decrease pain.  Normatec compression are sleeves that provide pulsating compression to help promote healthy blood flow, decrease swelling, increase range of motion.  Our Infrared sauna is a great way to help detox by promoting a healthy sweat which allows your muscles to relax.  The infrared heat helps the body reduce muscle tension and reduce stress while providing a calorie burn.

cryotherapy, Normatec compression, Infrared sauna, tanning
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