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The Brain Balance Program is a non-medical and drug-free approach to overcoming the challenges of ADHD, learning disabilities, processing disorders, Asperger Syndrome (now considered a part of ASD), and a host of other related childhood learning and developmental issues. Our integrated approach focuses on the whole child and combines physical and sensory-motor exercises with academic skill training, healthy nutrition and confidence building.

ADHD, Learning Disabilities, attention, academic issues, dyslexia, aspergers, ASD, high functioning autism



Improving Executive Function Skills

Contributed by Brain Balance of AllenKids with learning disabilities often struggle with executive function skills, which can prevent them from successfully remembering pertinent details and strategically planning, organizing, and completing tasks. Poor...

Brain Boosting Foods for Kids

The connection between our diets and brain function is an important topic. At Brain Balance, we work to improve behaviors, attention and focus, mental health, sensory processing struggles and...

The Benefits of Exercise for Children with ADHD

Recent findings indicate that intense aerobic exercise for ADHD children may be beneficial by enhancing their brain structure and function. Studies have shown that exercise results in kids being...




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