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Elevate and Simplify Your Technology with Arctic IT.

In addition to security-first managed IT services, state and local governments require a market-leading ERP and CRM system that spans all community services. Arctic IT delivers the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to provide the security, familiarity, and reliability your departments need. Team with us to serve your community better with technology that digitally transforms the way you work.

Our solution combines the following capabilities all in one suite within the Microsoft Cloud: finance & accounting, procurement, retail, services/utilities, field service, human resource management & payroll, tax assessments, permitting & licensing, and citizen portals for payments & event management.



10 Ways to Spot a Phishing Email

With ransomware infections from phishing attacks climbing at an unprecedented rate, educating your staff is paramount in protecting your organization. There is no time to wait.Here are the top...
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