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The Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership (AEYL), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that specializes in the guidance of young men and women to strengthen their mindset intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially through Core '4' Pillars; MENTORSHIP, ACADEMICS, ATHLETICS and COMMUNITY SERVICE. Within the organization, AEYL has formed a 'second chance' program; Follow. Lead. Succeed (FLS), a juvenile diversion and accountability platform collaborating with local ISDs, Municipal, County and District Courts to minimize the cause/effect of school to prison pipeline.

The AEYL mission is dedicated to the development of diverse youth; including low-to-moderate geographic areas to cultivate exposure and build positive perspectives of life and education on the importance of a stable community.

Both AEYL & FLS programs serve Collin County and surrounding area YOUTH & TEENS (12-18, in some circumstances YOUNG ADULTS up to age 23) in multi-ethnic individuals from various backgrounds that have been referred by churches, schools, juvenile justice systems, municipal court, friends of families, or self-interest. AEYL & FLS strive to mold the youth and teens for the future; signifying the ethics of LEADERSHIP!

To Be a Great Leader, You Must Learn to Follow.
It's Your CHOICE- What will you do to LEAD!?!

youth, leadership, mentoring, community service, academics




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