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The Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership (A.E.Y.L.), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that specializes in the guidance of young men and women through Core 4 Program; Mentoring, Academics, Athletics and Community Service.- as well as organizing various youth oriented programs and activities within our community and being a renowned Juvenile Diversion Program within the Collin Municipal and County courts.

The mission of A.E.Y.L. is dedicated to the development of diverse youth, teens and young adults; especially within low-to-moderate geographic areas through leadership mentoring, educational guidance, and community service; to cultivate life’s perspectives and the importance of a stable community. Keeping the mind, body and soul of the youth, teens and young adults positively engaged; is the best way to moderate negative energy tendencies. A.E.Y.L. has a confident perspective of venturing into new endeavors to expand the interest of our organization; diligently cultivating our programs to benefit youth, teens and young adults in the communities.

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