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The Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership (AEYL), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that specializes in the guidance of young men and women to strengthen their mindset intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially through Core '4' Pillars; MENTORSHIP, ACADEMICS, ATHLETICS and COMMUNITY SERVICE. Within the organization, AEYL has formed a 'second chance' program; Follow. Lead. Succeed (FLS), a juvenile diversion and accountability platform collaborating with local ISDs, Municipal, County and District Courts to minimize the cause/effect of school to prison pipeline.

The AEYL mission is dedicated to the development of diverse youth; including low-to-moderate geographic areas to cultivate exposure and build positive perspectives of life and education on the importance of a stable community.

Both AEYL & FLS programs serve Collin County and surrounding area YOUTH & TEENS (12-18, in some circumstances YOUNG ADULTS up to age 23) in multi-ethnic individuals from various backgrounds that have been referred by churches, schools, juvenile justice systems, municipal court, friends of families, or self-interest. AEYL & FLS strive to mold the youth and teens for the future; signifying the ethics of LEADERSHIP!

To Be a Great Leader, You Must Learn to Follow.
It's Your CHOICE- What will you do to LEAD!?!

youth, leadership, mentoring, community service, academics




AEYL & Ronald Jones II Football Camp 2021

Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership (A.E.Y.L.) partners with the organization’s alumnus, Ronald Jones II of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers- adopting the youth football camp and making an appearance at...

Shielding our Community from COVID-19

Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership (A.E.Y.L.) and Honi’s Coffeehouse is partnering with the Woodrow Wilson HS Robotics Team to use STEM to promote and produce face shields for first responders during...

College Trunk Party Supports Essentials for Freshmen in College

Going off to college is an ACHIEVABLE GOAL that takes dedication and will to SUCCEED! It can also be daunting for some students. While students may dread college studies and transition outside...


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