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Do your finances feel like an obligation instead of an opportunity? Your finances should be helping you make better decisions. You deserve flexibility, guidance, and creativity from your financial team.

At Accountable CFO I help growing service providers maximize their profit, boost capacity, improve cashflow with less stress. I am dedicated to using my talents to help business owners reach their goals.

Through close client relationships, I can better predict opportunities and help my clients avoid pitfalls and unwelcome surprises. I believe in the power of small business, given the right partners and opportunities you can see your company flourish.

By using my industry understanding and extensive financial experience, I want to be your creative partner and problem solver.

Ready to find out how we can help your business?

Schedule a Business Strategy Session to discuss your business goals and challenges.

Telephone: (214)901-1103

Financial & Business Analysis | Business & Strategic Planning | Indirect Costs & Pricing | Profit Assessment | Leadership Development | Vendor Management

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