Contributor Simri Davis

Simri Davis


How To: Make Your Own Chalk Paint

We recently moved my oldest daughter to a new room after she outgrew the small room that had been perfect when she was a toddler. To ease the transition,...

How To: Camp Out at Home

Camping: Either you hate it or you love it. Chances are you hate it, but your kids love it. Why not satisfy your kids’ desire to commune with nature without...

How To: Celebrate Father’s Day in a Special Way in McKinney

Father’s Day is here. We love the guy, so maybe we take him out for a steak or let him sneak in an afternoon nap. After all, he works...

How To: Make Do-It-Yourself Photo Coasters

The perfect Father’s Day gift is as close as the faces around you. Sweet smiles, adorable candids, moments captured forever in a photograph. Those photographs can be used to...

How To: Make Homemade Soap and Bath Salts

I tried my hand at homemade soap and bath salts. I loved the idea that I could gather basic ingredients and, after a bit of mixing and melting, they’d...

Fun, Easy Art Project Turns Kid’s Old T-shirts Into Quilts

I’ve dreamed of making keepsake quilts for my kids. Quilts that will capture each child’s personality, interests…their T-shirts. Yep, a T-shirt quilt! It’s a great way to clear out the...

Clear the Clutter From Your Home

We have lived in our house for six years now. During that time, we’ve gone from one child to three, plus a dog. We’ve got more stuff than we...
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