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Simri Davis


How To: Get Started in Photography

Can I just share with you one of my heartfelt desires? Not the one where I wish I were a Broadway star. There’s another one – the desire to...

How To: Green Earth Day Projects

Create a little “green” fun for Earth Day with the kids this year. These two projects are simple, inexpensive and use items you probably already have! Earth Day Crayons Materials: •  green, blue...

How To: Spring Clean The Natural Way

All Purpose Cleaner This all purpose cleaner took just a few minutes to make and offers a great alternative to harsh chemicals. Supplies: •  Spray bottle•  2 Tbsp. of distilled white vinegar•  1 tsp. Borax...

How To: Make Dinnertime Valentines

Valentine’s Day = hearts, candy, love. It’s not hard to think of words to describe this special day, and words are how my family decided to celebrate. All of...

How To: Pom Pom Shooters

  A few items, a few minutes and a few helpers will add a whole lot of fun to Valentine’s Day with these super cute, super easy launchers. Materials: •  Plastic cups •  12-inch balloons •  Scissors •  Mini-poms...

How To: Present With Bows

  When I arrive at a party or shower or holiday get together, I have a gift in tow. More often than not, that gift will be in a reused...

How To: Santa Paws

  We adore our pets. The unconditional love, playful kisses and furiously wagging tails when we walk through the door can make a house a home. So here’s a personal way...

How To: Welcome Fall

We made it! We survived a brutal summer and now we get to celebrate one of my favorite times of year – autumn! Just the word conjures up wonderful...

How To: T-shirt Quilt

I’ve dreamed of making keepsake quilts for my kids. Quilts that will capture each child’s personality, interests ... their T-shirts. Yep, a T-shirt quilt! It’s a great way to...

How To: Light Up the Night

  Cooler days and nights, holidays aplenty, we’re gearing up for fun, holidays and festivals. And so we decorate. Give us a budget, some time and a little know-how, and we’ll...

How To: Rag Wreaths

I have discovered a fun and easy way to display your team spirit: rag wreaths! They are simple and easy to create; all you need are a few supplies...

How To: Plan a Party on a Budget

I have a friend who is a whiz at party planning. She makes them come alive and captures them with some pretty stunning pictures too. Her ability to throw...

How To: Fun Back to School Lunches

Alright, let me start with this: I do not enjoy making school lunches. In all of the excitement leading up to each new school year, the school-lunch black cloud...

How To: Bird Feeder Fun

Photos by Simri Davis Toilet paper rolls coated in peanut butter and rolled in birdseed are super quick and you're recycling. Have some free time? Why not

How To: Have Fun Helping Others in McKinney

May: School’s almost done! June: Summer Break! July: It’s hot and I’m bored! The mid-summer slump doesn’t have to be a downer. It can be the perfect opportunity to do some good...

How To: Create Etched Glass Art in McKinney

This year, for Father’s Day, I decided to try my hand at something I had never considered before: DIY etched glass. Thanks to Pinterest, I now have bundles of...

How To: Ruler Growth Chart

Charting the growth of your kids is a special way to remember days gone by. You can mark it in a doorway, but what happens when you move? How...

How To: Tackle the Clutter, Reclaim Your Home

We have lived in our house for six years now. During that time, we’ve gone from one child to three, plus a dog. We’ve got more stuff than we...

How To: Make Sophisticated Christmas Cards and Homemade Gifts

Everyone loves homemade cards and gifts at the holidays – they’re one-of-a-kind, crafted with love and fun to receive (and make!). Try these tips to make simple-but-elegant cards and...

How To: Halloween Pumpkin Fun in McKinney

Boo! It's pumpkin time – the best accessory this time of year, if I do say so. Here are a few fun ways to bring that perfect gourd front and...

How To: Snack Fun

Play with your food! Forget the years of mom telling you otherwise. It’s time to be creative with the tasty stuff. Need inspiration? Visit Pinterest! You will soon be...
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