Contributor Christopher Foster

Christopher Foster


McKinney ISD: A Past Worth Remembering

While the early pioneering days of McKinney were tough and often dangerous, many settlers arrived from the east with a surprising amount of formal education. From the city’s earliest...

Open Mic Nights in McKinney

“Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculpted into something new.” — Frank Zappa. One of the most human of pleasures is to...

Pedal Power: Cycling in McKinney

“Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.” – H.G. Wells Sometimes you hear a city referred to as being a good town...

McKinney’s Own First-Responders: Answering the Call!

Pogue Construction was founded in Sherman in 1979 and relocated its headquarters to McKinney in 1996. Since that time it has become a major contractor in the Dallas area,...

Public Art in McKinney

A telling sign of a fine city is when public areas and physical layout matures beyond the purely functional and promotes a visual celebration of artistic form. When a...

CACCC: A Caring Voice and More – For Those Who Need it Most

“Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.” – Herbert Ward, former director of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Herbert Ward, a longtime children’s advocate, was correct. He...

Staycation Spring Break

The Dallas Arts District got its formal start in 1978 when Boston consultants Carr-Lynch recommended that the city relocate its major arts institutions from different parts of Dallas to...

Generosity During the Holidays and Beyond

Click here to read a wish list from area nonprofits. It’s easy to find good citizens in a community like McKinney. They’re everywhere: people who volunteer, people who gladly share...

The SPCA of Texas in McKinney: Working for the Good of Animals

If you’ve adopted a pet in McKinney, chances are that you’ve visited the Collin County branch of the SPCA of Texas, located on Stacy Road just east of Custer...

Making Movies in McKinney: A Big, Creative Business

Whenever you watch a commercial, TV show or movie, there’s a possibility that some of it was shot in McKinney – and that local businesses and the city earned...

New Parks on The Horizon in McKinney

A new skate park, a dog park with a splash pad, and more hike-and-bike trails are all nearing reality in McKinney. The city’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department is...

Company Based in McKinney Transforms Your TV into a Video Phone

Did you ever watch people on science fiction shows talk to each other on a big video screen – at the mere touch of a button – and think...

Critical Care Takes Flight: The Lowdown on Flying High to Treat Patients in Need

 If you’ve spent any time on McKinney roadways, you’ve no doubt experienced the odd — and, thankfully, rare – combination of worry, thrill, concern and curiosity when a helicopter arrives...

Tennis, Anyone?

Advantage McKinney: The city’s new state-of-the-art tennis courts and clubhouse recently opened to the public at Gabe Nesbitt Community Park. As McKinney tennis lovers will tell you, the city recently...
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