Contributor Amy Rogers M.D.

Amy Rogers M.D.


Beat the Clock: Dealing Quickly with Heart Attack and Stroke

Libby Schnell was busy getting her young family ready for church – a typical Sunday morning for this 34-year-old mother of two. Suddenly, she felt intense chest pain and...

Emergency vs. Urgent Care: What’s the Difference?

  Cheryl woke up excited to leave for a long-awaited family vacation to Mexico. But her three-year-old son woke up with a horrible earache. Cheryl rushed him to the neighborhood urgent...

Injury Prevention: Training Recovery and Education

You’ve supported your young athlete from the beginning. You pay high fees for club teams, participate in the booster club and travel to faraway weekend tournaments. Anything to help...

Summer Skin Care

  Swimming, reading by the pool, gardening, biking and hanging out on the porch with friends. These favorite summer activities share a common factor – they each expose your skin...

Theatre Options: All McKinney’s A Stage

For many of us, acting on stage is included in our bucket list somewhere between a visit to New Zealand and paying off the mortgage. But, while New Zealand...

Boys & Girls Club of Collin County

When Shay Goodman, an 18-year-old McKinney Boyd Senior High School, went on his tour of college campuses earlier this year, one of the stops shocked him. The Angola State Prison...

Dietary Supplements: The Good, the Bad, the Intelligent

Remember when taking a dietary supplement meant a Flintstones vitamin with your fortified Fruity Pebbles? Those days are long gone as dietary supplementation has morphed into a $30 billion...

Care for the Caregiver in McKinney

“Secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” If you’ve ever traveled on a commercial airline, you’ve heard this phrase from the flight attendants as you browsed the in-flight...

Kindergarten Anxiety: Coping Tips (For Little Ones Too)

This fall 3.7 million students will enter Kindergarten. I have no concerns about 3,699,999 of them. But then there is my sweet, quirky girl. Will she adjust? Will she...
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