McKinney's own nature sanctuary

“My father was a botanist and biologist. My mother was a 4th grade teacher. So I guess my love of nature and educating McKinney residents makes me the perfect combination of them both,” Cheryl “Birdie” Miller confessed to me as we sat outside her nature shop Wild Birds Unlimited. As we spoke about her shop’s mission and personal love of wildlife, I was surprised to watch nature literally flock to her. In the strip shopping center at Hardin Boulevard and Eldorado Parkway (where WBU is located), a small group of Monarch butterflies hovered nearby. A little lost puppy wandered over, somehow knowing that Birdie would help him find his owner…and she paused our meeting to do just that. Does nature instinctively know when a kindred spirit is near? Were those butterflies aware of her sitting on the Boards of both the Heard Museum and Crepe Myrtle Trail, or her seat on the Committee of the McKinney Monarch Initiative? Or had they heard of her shop’s mission to Bring people and nature together, and wanted to play their role? I believe, the answer is Yes to all three.