What job seeker wouldn’t want to hear that? A Veteran we’ll call “Stephen” recently attended one of Community Lifeline Center's Job-Seeker classes, taught by our dedicated leader Tim Baker.

“Stephen” contacted Tim to let him know that he had procured an interview with a major bank. He mentioned that the position would work around his college classes, and there was room for advancement. He pointed out that he had merely been looking online, but with Tim’s advice had begun networking, and it paid off.

“If it weren’t for your class and resume help I probably would not have landed this interview. I’ll tell you how it goes. In the meantime, I’m still applying and I’ll never stop networking with people. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help and expertise.”

Jim Davenport, of the McKinney’s Veterans Office, has said; “Every Veteran that has attended the class reported that they came out of the classes with more confidence and knowledge to help them achieve their goals during the job search.”

LifeSteps Education Coordinator Stacie Ross said “Our partnerships with the Texas Workforce Commission, our local Veteran’s office, and referring churches, have been wonderful in helping to grow our education offerings; free Job Seeker classes, Word 101 classes and Budgeting classes to the community.”

Did Stephen get the job? He did, and he knows his new networking skills will always come in handy.


About the Community Lifeline Center

Community Lifeline Center (CLC) was born as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1989 when a group of churches determined it was best to work together in supporting and meeting the needs of people in need. We’ve evolved and grown over the years but our original purpose remains unchanged: to be the premiere place for providing assistance, information and referral services for the residents of McKinney and north Collin County. For more information, contact Community Lifeline Center, 1601 W. University Dr., Suite B, McKinney 75069. 972-542-0020 or