Volunteer McKinney has received many calls and inquiries from people who are wanting to volunteer on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Most nonprofits are closed and have already made arrangements to assist their clients ahead of the actual holiday.

Here is some information on how people can help others during the holiday season.

1.  Sort through closets to identify items to donate. Be sure they are clean and in good working order.

2.  Go to the store and purchase peanut butter, dry beans, oatmeal and canned meat to donate to a local food bank. Be sure the expiration dates are far off. Food cannot be given if it has expired.

3.  Sort through your magazines and remove the labels. Donate to a local shelter or school.

4.  Assemble a full change of new clothing for a child in a large zip-lock bag. Label the bag with the size and sex. Include underwear, socks, shirt and pants. Donate the completed bags to a local children’s shelter or school.

5.  Write thank you letters to the staff of a local nonprofit. They are on the front lines of caring and often don’t feel the appreciation they should.

6.  Make a plan to commit to volunteering and view the agencies and needs on volunteermckinney.org. Click on Respond to Need and the agency will be contacted and made aware of your interest.

7.  Go to a local nursing home or care facility and visit. Bring pictures of your vacation, your animals or anything else that you can talk about.

8.  Organize a coat drive at your office or among your friends. Have them cleaned and donate to a local nonprofit.

9.  Please know that many local nonprofits make arrangements to provide for their clients well before the holidays and are often closed on the holiday to allow their staff to be with their families. Deliver your donations early.

10.  Remember that due to the vulnerable populations served by most nonprofits, they do not allow volunteers who are not trained or screened to have access to their clients.


About Volunteer McKinney

Since 1998, Volunteer McKinney has connected volunteers to local nonprofit organizations and has provided assistance to organizations. Volunteer McKinney has also served the community through events such as the National "Make a Difference Day" and Community Volunteer Recognition Events. Connecting people to their passion through volunteerism and strengthening McKinney area nonprofits through training and collaboration. For more information, visit VolunteerMcKinney.org.