Join us at LINKS on Wednesday mornings

Good morning McKinney!

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to give a presentation at The McKinney Chamber of Commerce’s LINKS Breakfast, and today I want to recap the event as well as tell you a little bit about why joining the McKinney Chamber has been so good for my business.

what is links?

LINKS is a weekly networking event hosted by the McKinney Chamber. It is held at Gather in Downtown McKinney every Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 AM, and costs $1 and 1 business card. All Chamber members are invited to attend, and non-Chamber members are welcome to attend twice during the year. A light breakfast is provided by the presenting sponsor, and everyone in attendance gives a 30 second commercial with the exception of the breakfast sponsor who gives a 10 minute presentation. (that was me on Wednesday!) The energy at LINKS is unbeatable! This group is fun, crazy, supportive and feeds off the energy of eachother AND the energy at Gather. Truly being in such a beautiful, historic space makes me feel like I’m attending a Chamber meeting in McKinney 100 years ago!

I joined the Chamber in the fall of 2017, but wasn’t active for the first 6-8 months or so. And friends, if you are thinking about joining, know this: it works if you work it. Don’t join and just wait for something to happen.

I want to take this opportunity to invite anyone reading who has a business and is interested in serious networking to join us at Gather this coming Wednesday morning! All types of businesses are welcome, and you can even bring brochures, coupons, extra business cards, products, signage etc to set up for the attendees to see/take.

LINKS has been a wonderful way for me to spread the word about TAOLB. Through LINKS I have met my friends from HONEST-1 AUTOCARE, WILD BIRDS UNLIMITEDKATHY TODRYKTHE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETYTACKLESMART, UTMOST TRAVEL, and MCKINNEY COFFEE COMPANY. My saint of a husband takes the morning shift every Wednesday so I can be at LINKS, and I know it is the consistency of my presence there that is benefitting me. Please join us!

I want to take a minute to brag on my friend Fred Mahusay, Chamber member, LINKS attendee, and owner of FREDSHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY. Fred is an incredibly talented photog and snapped these pictures during my presentation. He is known for taking headshots for business professionals, so if you need one…CALL FRED!! And Fred is another reason you need to come to LINKS because he often raps his 30 second commercial!

When deciding what to serve to my LINKS group, I knew I needed to feed about 100 people and I wanted the food and the spread to be representative of TAOLB’s brand. I looked back in our archives and had our Resident Chef Lorie Fangio make several of her RUSTIC APPLE GALETTES—Lorie shared this recipe in the ManeGait edition of our magazine in October 2017! YOGURT PARFAITS made tableside, turkey sausage (thanks to my friend Kenneth from Costco who is also a LINKS regular!) and mini pancake stacks were all simple, visually appealing, and tasty additions to the menu.