We can all make a difference

Each ticket purchased will create a basket for our Seniors below and the basket will be accompanied by a note that it came from you! In the month of May, we will deliver to over 90 senior citizens at North Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in McKinney.

In a conversation with a dear elderly friend, a heartbreaking point was made, most of our elderly population have outlived friends and family, people they grew up with, that they were once able to reminisce about the good times and days of joyful recollections with. People who understood the times that they grew up in and could relate to them from the first television made to how families would sit around the AM radio that only one family on the block had, then there are those elderly residents that experience memory loss, loneliness, and increased isolation, some of the only things that put a smile on their faces are the moments that they are reminded that they are not forgotten. They may not remember your face or name but they will remember how you made them feel.

Did you know that a large number of elderly residents on Medicaid are housed at nursing centers with only $2.00 allowed per day for their pocket expenses, this can make things like soap, shampoo, conditioner, socks, lotions, and other items become a luxury that they can't afford.

Since 2019, each year LIFT R&R, along with our generous supporters in McKinney and surrounding areas have made baskets for our over 90 residents at Northpark Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, during the Spring and during the Winter with not only the essential items but also things that will make them smile like a deck of old maid cards, or coloring books & word finds. These activities help with memory function and we're glad to be doing something to show we care.

This year, as we prepare the items for the baskets, we could use your contributions. For each basket you purchase, we will fill the baskets and put a card to advise that these gifts came from a community resident who wanted to see them smile. If you are unable to purchase a ticket, there are other ways to make a great impact such as collecting items to put in the baskets or volunteering to deliver the baskets with us in May directly to the Nursing Home. There is nothing too small or insignificant, a bottle of lotion can sure make a body feel soothed.

This year seniors living independently at TowneCreek Apartments in McKinney will be using their hands as part of their H.A.N.D.S. Project to assemble all the bags for our Seniors living at North Park Nursing Home, now how cool is that! Seniors Helping Seniors! Thanks, Christy Sadler and the entire team for this beautiful partnership!

To purchase a ticket which will mean a filled basket for one senior at North Park, click the link below 



For more details on how you can make a difference to this most vulnerable population, please contact LIFT R&R at 518-551-6715, we would be honored to share.