By creating a venue that both allows individuals to see the many ways they can make a difference and agencies to promote their needs, Volunteer McKinney has increased the potential for volunteerism, donations, and involvement in the community. On Feb. 25, nonprofits and charities in the McKinney area began posting their volunteer and other needs online in hopes of increasing the opportunities for community members to get involved. The online system, which is administrated by Volunteer McKinney, is called “Get Connected.”

“We have offered an online agency search engine for several years, but GET CONNECTED goes beyond that. This program offers the very latest in technology and gives the agencies more support in their efforts to serve this community. We are very excited to bring it to the McKinney area,” said Dana Riley, Executive Director of Volunteer McKinney.

“Connecting those who want to volunteer with the work that needs to be done is one of the most challenging aspects of managing a volunteer program. We’re lucky to have Volunteer McKinney and their outreach to the community to get the word out. Last year volunteers donated over 10,000 hours of work to Chestnut Square and it really shows! We couldn’t do it without our volunteers, many of whom connected with us through Volunteer McKinney.” Cindy Johnson, Executive Director, The Heritage Guild of Collin County and Chestnut Square Historic Village.

“One of our favorite sayings at Community Lifeline Center is, ‘we’re always better together.’ How true it is for community residents to intentionally partner with community agencies whether it be donating in-kind goods and services, volunteering, or faithfully committing to give a financial donation month-to-month. At CLC we depend on community support and partnership. We need you. We count on you. Together we can make a difference in someone’s life – Help. Hope. Here.” – Christine Hockin-Boyd, Executive Director, Community Lifeline Center.

Opportunities currently listed online include mentors, event helpers, receptionists, animal care helpers, trail guides, interpreters and many more. Users can go to to respond to these needs.