Helpful Honda People in Blue Arrive to Surprise North Texans with Random Acts of Helpfulness such as Free Ice Cream, Complimentary Water Park Admission, Grocery Buyouts, and More

North Texas Honda Dealers Association, a collection of 15 dealerships located throughout the North Texas area – from Dallas, Fort Worth and Burleston to Richardson, Irving, Frisco and as far north as Paris – have been shaking up the status quo with the introduction of the Helpful Honda Campaign. dealers are sharing a single, unified message that breaks through the clutter of traditional dealer advertising. The message is simple: North Texas Honda Dealers are Helpful. y will be helping local communities, helping schools, helping animals, helping Honda drivers with exclusive perks, and simply helping the residents of North Texas…. you’ll see.

The Helpful Honda campaign, a proven success since its Southern California launch in 2007, delivers on its promise to be Helpful through an integrated advertising and marketing campaign that includes TV and Radio spots, online advertising and gas toppers as well as the Helpful Honda teams – known as ‘The Helpful Honda People in Blue.’ Every week, the People in Blue are out on the streets of North Texas lending a hand in the most unexpected ways. Whether it’s opening doors, unloading groceries, providing thirsty gym-goers with water or simply keeping people protected from the sun with sunscreen, it’s their job to Helpful… no strings attached.

The North Texas Honda Dealers kicked off Random Acts of Helpfulness by treating residents to free ice cream at Steel City Pops; surprising Honda drivers and their families with exclusive perks such as complimentary admission to NRH20 water park; and picking up the tab at check out for grocery shoppers. Watch residents get helped at

What’s next? The Helpful Honda People will be hosting Helpful Honda Donation Match Day in partnership with SPCA of Texas on Sunday, October 15th. They will be matching all adoption fees with an equal dollar donation to give back to SPCA of Texas!

“We know the words ‘car dealer’ and ‘helpful’ aren't often heard together, but we are going to change that,” said John Ingram, President of the North Texas Honda Dealers Association. “The North Texas Honda Dealers are very excited to show our commitment to helpfulness in our local communities. We look forward to seeing the surprise and delight on people’s faces when they receive the smallest or biggest Random Act of Helpfulness.”

What Does Helpful Look Like?

Helpful Honda lends a helpful hand by loading groceries for shoppers at local stores like Home Depot and Target.

Left to right: Helpful Honda surprises guest at a local football game in Kincaid Stadium with complimentary concessions; They also stopped by Steel City Pops in Dallas to treat residents to free popsicles!

In North Texas, keep an eye out for the People in Blue picking up trash at local parks; distributing hand sanitizer at community events, unloading shopping carts, and maybe even pumping and paying for Honda drivers’ and veterans’ gas.

what the Helpful Honda People in Blue are up to at @NTXHondaDealers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Residents will also be able to submit their own requests for help at Help Me Honda or by sharing a tweet or sending a direct message to Facebook or Instagram telling Helpful Honda what they need help with most.

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