In recognition of World Habitat Day 2012, North Collin County Habitat for Humanity is planning home builds, rehabs, “A Brush with Kindness,” Birthday Bash Monster Mash, donor & volunteer recognition and other special events to address the need for decent housing around the world, including in McKinney, Frisco, Celina, Melissa, Anna, Princeton, Farmersville, Prosper and Blue Ridge.

“World Habitat Day is a celebration of housing worldwide and in our own communities," said Larry Pietenpol, Board President. "This October, we will be kicking off our Neighborhood Revitalization program, 'A Brush with Kindness' and partnering with the City of McKinney on the Cities of Service Initiative to engage more volunteers in community development one neighborhood at a time. We‘ll also be celebrating our 20th anniversary by starting homes No. 80 and 81 locally and 100 homes in Haiti.”

Habitat for Humanity’s theme for World Habitat Day 2012, “Many Homes, One Community,” highlights the vital role that decent, affordable housing plays in community stabilization and development. The focus is on the importance of homeownership in a neighborhood’s progress.

The following events will be held in coming weeks to advocate for stronger communities:

Oct. 6 

  • NRI (Neighborhood Revitalization) / Thrivent Builds Repairs Project, McKinney
  • Frisco Build for Chris Gonzalez Family
  • Cities of Service Neighborhood Wide Clean-up, La Loma Neighborhood, McKinney

Oct. 13

  • Methodist Build Wall Raising for the Torres Family - 209 Franklin, McKinney, 11 a.m.
  • NRI/Thrivent Builds Repairs Project, McKinney
  • Cities of Service Neighborhood Wide Clean-Up, La Loma McKinney
  • Frisco Build for Chris Gonzalez Family

Oct 20

  • Birthday Bash, Monster Mash, celebrating  North Collin County Habitat's 20th Anniversary and the 3rd Birthday of ReStore - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., 2060 Couch Drive in McKinney; costume contests, food, specials, featuring two playhouse raffles.
  • Methodist Build - Framing Day for Torres Family
  • 20th Anniversary Celebration honoring Volunteers and Sponsors
  • La Loma, Cities of Service Projects, McKinney

Oct. 26-28

  • Celina Balloon Festival - Visit North Collin County Habitat's booth to apply or volunteer in the Celina area for an upcoming build; tickets sold to this event will benefit Habitat through this link:

Nov. 24-Dec 1

  • Jimmy Carter Work Project, Leogane, Haiti - Local rep to help build another 100 homes in one week.                  

Beginning on Monday, Oct. 1, 2012, and continuing throughout October and November, Habitat for Humanity and affiliated organizations will host hundreds of local events — from builds and flash mobs to parades, contests, housing forums and everything in between — to draw attention to the need for safe, decent, affordable shelter for all.

Habitat for Humanity International will also launch its annual Shelter Report, which will focus on the role of the home in a neighborhood’s progression. The two-month observance of the need for safe, decent and affordable shelter and the pivotal role of housing in community development will culminate with Habitat’s flagship annual event, the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.

The 29th annual Carter Work Project returns to Haiti as part of its two-year effort to strengthen and support Habitat’s work there.

The United Nations established World Habitat Day in 1985 to spotlight the need for adequate shelter worldwide. On the first Monday in October each year, Habitat for Humanity affiliates and national organizations raise their collective voice, taking action to change the systems, policies and attitudes that lead to poverty housing, and engaging partners in solutions.